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These Images are a selection of personal family photos taken by my dad took between1960-1980. I don't think there was ever a device that allowed us to view these images and I only have faint memories of ever seeing the modern 35mm images. It has been an emotional and also happy journey to discover dads passion that perhaps he played down and passed onto me. I discovered them soon after his death and made a book of a much wider selection. There are so many images to choose from but my goal was and has been for many years, to find those hidden treasures and memories we have so long forgotten and to revisit those times.
For me the most wonderful finds were the pictures that to some might seem meaningless, but for me a tiny detail like the carpet, wallpaper, or a toy in the background brought back so many memories. Christmas trees decorated so badly seem so beautiful. A vase of flowers proudly placed outside on a table and photographed as a memory of achievement, might seem so insignificant to some, but I gasp in delight as I remember that beautiful table like a prized possession, forgotten but brought back to life by those living flowers ... placed upon it.
Images of random people or family friends I don't recognize, unknown places, and mixed up memories. They are memories of my childhood and immediate family, which might not have been seen again, left in the loft and destroyed over time. The images are mix of square format and 35mm colour transparency. I have scanned these images in the state that they were found, I have not felt the need to restore them to their glory, but felt it more precious to preserve them as they were found, in their degrading moldy state. These photos like our own memories have become worn and obscured by time. I felt a little frustration at first looking through them because some were not all in focus but the fact that they exist means more than their perfection. They are perfect because they exist. We can enjoy, reflect and appreciate those memories ... however distant.



Thank you Dad.